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News Room: Kenya to host first investment conference of Somalia - Thursday, 23 July 2015 23:18
News Room: Coca-Cola opens $17m production plant in Somalia - Tuesday, 08 September 2015 17:37
News Room: Somalia aims to resume banana exports - Thursday, 01 October 2015 17:07

Who we are

Key Responsibilities:

* Inspiration Programme: To generate momentum behind community business as a tool for addressing local challenges, catalysing the creation of more community businesses

* Innovation & Acceleration Programme: To develop and enhance the support infrastructure available to community businesses, helping them to accelerate their impact and journey to sustainability

* Community Business Network: To build the community business movement and develop the network of peer to peer support to create more robust and resilient community businesses.

* To develop and deliver a targeted approach to Strategic Programme investments that ensure the Trust meets its impact and legacy objectives

* To build strong, positive relationships with cross-sector stakeholders that enable our Strategic Programme activity to leverage in additional resources and build on existing infrastructure to maximise our impact

* To identify opportunities to invest in new innovations that will support community businesses at all stages of their life-cycle, working with partners to pilot, test and roll-out effective solutions

* To accelerate the impact of the Fund by identifying strategic interventions that can help to shape the market and replicate good practice

* To work with the State & Regional Partners to ensure coordinated management and engagement of key stakeholder partnerships across the fund.

* To initiate to establish & work with the Community Business Fund to enhance the number and capacity of community businesses that can work directly in partnership with the Fund on our Strategic Programme activity

* Ensuring quality delivery by partner organisations and contractors across all our Strategic Programme activity.


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